To sign up for a competition you must perform the following:

1. Create a user in AGiPRO with its own password (menu: Ny AGiPRO bruker?) (NB - remember that you get an e-mail with a link you must use to verify your e-mail - before your account is activated)

2. Sign in with your user (menu: Log In / Out)

3. If you have not registered your dog in AgiPRO before, do it now (menu: Ny ekvipasje). Use preferably the same reg. number as you are registered with the Kennel Club or other kennel clubs. You also register which classes (L=Small, M=Medium, S=Large) you want to participate in so you do not have to repeat this later.

4. Pick the dogs, it is necessary to register your own screen (menu: Rediger mine hunder) so you have a good list of those who are your dogs.

-------------------- Everything you've done so far only done the first time you use the system or have a new dog. -------

After the first 4 points are done you have to this every time you will enter a competition:

1. Go to the menu item "Stevner med påmelding"

2. click on the link "Meld på" to the right in the event you are going to be on

3. Select (pick) the dog (s) and teams you want to register and click on "gå videre"

4. Choose which classes you want to participate in and click "Meld på"

5. Verify that the information appears correct, or click on "tilbake" and correct (NB illegal use of rebates will be credited a penalty) Registration is binding and it is only the organizing club who approve changes / cancellations. If using credit card payment in this contest, your submissions will be compiled in a shopping cart (handlekurv). In the cart, the entry will be deleted (marked x) and one will be able to go back and register again if you need to add more .

6. Upon approval you will be transferred to payment service. It can be 3 posibilities. The variant chosen by the organizing club will appear in clear text in the next picture when you approve. It says that you either

* Pay directly to the organizing club,

* Receive e-invoices

* going from cart to PayPal system for payment by the use of credit cards

One of the different payment schemes are chosen by the organizing club, so you must use the alternative the club have chosen. Payments  made after the deadline will be covered with fees as directed by the club, or not beeing registrtated at all.

PAYMENT TO THE CLUB: Competition Fee will be paid directly to the account the arranging club denote within the deadline.

Invoice will be sent automatically to the e-mail address you provided on your AgiPRO user. This must be paid by the deadline printed on the invoice and stating the specified kid. No. Too late paid invoices will be charged late charges and interest. Invoices not paid after the reminder is being sent to debt collection. Be aware that electronical generated e-mail can end up in your spamfolder depending on what kind of spam filter you are using.

CREDIT CARD: We use PayPal as a payment collector. Here you have the option to pay with most major credit and debit cards. Beside this you can if you want to create their own PayPal account that you pay from. If you register your credit card in PayPal system so you can accept payment only by use of a password later.

 Incorrect entries or cancellations have to be paid. The competition organizer will reimburs wrongly pid fees.

Corrections of entries will only be conducted by the organizer in agreement with you. New clases is reported directly to the organizer.

Good luck